'CHIKITO'- A term of endearment used to describe a beautiful, well dressed lady. 
 Chikito is an occasion wear brand that  draws inspiration from the style of sophisticated WOC to create clothing that makes women look beautiful & feel esteemed. 
At Chikito, we understand the transformational effect of how your clothing influences how you show up in the world and perform as your highest self. 
Through quality craftsmanship and bold yet complimentary colours, we provide Occasion wear that makes you feel your most valuable & look the sophisticated version of yourself.





Fit: Classic clothing designed to be functional, feel soft and look great.
Quality: Giving you the best always.
Experience: That every encounter with us will be as seamless & efficient as possible. 





Our founder-Chika Okafor  worked as a flight attendant for 14 years traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. It was through these travels that something became apparent: Despite consuming so much of the world’s creativity, there was little consideration given to the needs, body shape, skin tone of WOC like herself during the design & creation process of the clothes that WOC like herself wear.
It was this observation that led her to not only create an occasion wear line that celebrates the beauty , elegance of sophisticated WOC but shares it with the world as well. 
It is truly her  passion to see women thrive in their social circles, knowing that their style is communicating their worth everytime they walk into a room.